Samba de Amigo

This game is originally on Sega Dreamcast, has been ported onto Wii, and appearantly can be played in arcade as well. With the same concept of music performance with mock instrument controllers (as Rockband and Guitar Hero), the controllers for the Dreamcast and arcade are two Maracas. Players have to shake theĀ  maracas in 6 different locations (defined by left/right and altitude). Occasionally, the player has to post a pose with the maracas as well.

Here is someone who got real crazy with the arcade.

I’m personally wondering if the game distinguishes between the right/left maracas during the gameplay. It appears that in the Menu mode, one maraca acts as the arrow pad and the other the Select button. The Dreamcast controllers are ultrasound sensors that works with a sensor bar, while the Wii version utilies the Wiimote and Nunchuk; for the latter, maraca attatchments are also available. The Dreamcast maraca controllers are, by the most part, considered to be too expensive.

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