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Article about HUD in Console Games

Here’s an article about games the attempts to reduce heads-up display. This is essentially what I have been trying to do….

Flash Game Designers on Music Games

I have came across a lot of music games done by Coolio Niato on Newground and Addicting Games. Some of the ideas are quite creative.

I haven’t been able to find his website, and it’s not until recently when I found an interview of him here:
Keeping the beat with Coolio Niato on Armor Blog

How I wish I found this earlier (Oh wait, it’s done at the beginning this year, huh?) It looks like he is into the idea of hybriding music games with other game genres as well. The one I remember most is Music In Motion, a musicial platformer game I’ve mentioned earlier.

I also found out that another game of his, Rhythmworld, allows users to use any song from Newground Audio portal and make a level for it. The beatmapping is done by handsyncing (manually tapping to the music).