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The Sound Walk

The Sound Walk on Newground

The game is made by cccplay.

It’s pretty similar with what I’m doing with “Divine Beats – Night at the Monastery” in that is takes the beatmap-roadmap concept from “Vib Ribbon”.

Wii Music

I’ve rented this and toyed around with it for about half an hour. My thoughts are somewhat similar with this review here:

Wii Music game review on Gamespot

It’s a good reference on how the Wiimote can imitate different instruments. I’m just not sure how much of a “game” is there; the game stages are not clear with its objective and challenges. The improv part is probably funner.

Music Game and Action Game Fusion Example

Two music games that plays like action games, where music is used as a cue for what’s coming up.

Music in Motion

Chaotic Escape

Music Catch

It seems like another music game where the stage is created from a chosen music. Players have to use the mouse cursor to catch floating shapes, which seems to behave depending on the music played. A downloabable version allows users to specify their own music as well.

Music Catch

The objective is to collect as many points as possible. Yellow ones will increase your score while red ones will hurt you. Purple once will help you suck in all the scoring shapes. I personally enjoy watching the screen while having the music quoing possible waves of assaults.

MGMT’s “Electric Feel”

Other than the official music video, MGMT has another Electric Feel interactive video, where different video clips can be mixed and composited.

The video is downloadable here.

Labuat’s “Soy tu Aire”

This interactive music video, featuring “Soy tu Aire” by French singer Labuat, is put together by Herraiz Soto & Co.. The music video features a brush stroking running along; the viewer control the brush’s movement and follows its perceptions. The size of the brush varies based on the song’s volume, and occasionally, trickets of visual elements may appear along the path.

Play the music video

Neon Bible from Arcade Fire

The Arcade Fire’s “Neon Bible” is another interesting example where the user can controller the music video’s performance.

Watch (and play) the Music Video

Users can interact with different parts fo the video (for the majority of the time, the vocalist’s hands and head), which reacts differently on different parts of the video.

Guitar Hero Hero by LeetStreet Boys [Online Game]

The LeetStreet Boys (a.k.a. the L33tStr33t Boys) is a fantasy band themed on Anime Otaku culture. Found by Matt Myers and Ryan¬† McCormack, the band made the spotlight with its single music video, “Yuri The Only One”. In many of its songs, music video, and webcomic, references to games are superfluous; for starters, the lead singer sports a Guitar Hero guitar controller for most of the performances. Nathan Soria, who had worked with the band to create animated music videos for them.

The single that’s of interest today, “Guitar Hero Hero”, is a tribute song to the Guitar Hero games as well as an attempt to fuse RPG with music games.¬† This single is also made into an online game that resembles DDR.

Play the game here

Blog post about it

The music video that runs in the background is pre-rendered, and the only visual elements that responds to the player’s performance is the score bar UI, overlayed over the music video. There are 3 different endings based on the player’s performance, but even those may end up becoming disjointed from what happened in the music video.

Vib Ribbon

A game on Playstation, where you control a rabbit character to travel through a stage filled with obsticles. And, as a music game, the obsticles (blocks, holes, loops, etc) are placed based on the music.

Intro and Tutorial

Example of gameplay

King of the Dogs by Iggy Pop

Interactive music video for King of the Dogs by Iggy Pop.

The interactive part in this is that users can chose between 3 main characters, and therefore 3 variations of narratives.

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