Guitar Hero Hero by LeetStreet Boys [Online Game]

The LeetStreet Boys (a.k.a. the L33tStr33t Boys) is a fantasy band themed on Anime Otaku culture. Found by Matt Myers and Ryan¬† McCormack, the band made the spotlight with its single music video, “Yuri The Only One”. In many of its songs, music video, and webcomic, references to games are superfluous; for starters, the lead singer sports a Guitar Hero guitar controller for most of the performances. Nathan Soria, who had worked with the band to create animated music videos for them.

The single that’s of interest today, “Guitar Hero Hero”, is a tribute song to the Guitar Hero games as well as an attempt to fuse RPG with music games.¬† This single is also made into an online game that resembles DDR.

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The music video that runs in the background is pre-rendered, and the only visual elements that responds to the player’s performance is the score bar UI, overlayed over the music video. There are 3 different endings based on the player’s performance, but even those may end up becoming disjointed from what happened in the music video.

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