Gitaroo Man

A music action game which so far is ported on PS2 and PSP. Taking place in Gitaroo Planet, the hero is a young boy whose alter-ego, Gitaroo Man, is the last legandary hero on the planet. Gitaroo Man battles using his Gitaroo (which, as it appears, is a weapon that takes the form of a guitar), and the game is played with the controller, mainly the analog joystick and face buttons.

A Youtube video on the gameplay

Some quick info on Wiki

This game has a nice way of using the traditional game controller in a music rhythm game. It certainly is more intuitive than playing Taiko no Tatsujin or Dance Dance Revolution with the controller; my previous experience with those two scenarios had made me somewhat aprehensive when it comes to music games utilizing traditional game controllers. On the other hand, Gitaroo Man‘s interface made it intuitive enough to relate the action of playing music with the game controller.

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