Frequency is one of Harmonix’s early music rhythm games and have been the forerunner of its later franchise, Guitar Hero. Harmonix later published Amplitude as a sequal to Frequency.

In the game, the player play as the FreQ, who manuveurs through a octagonal tunnel during the gameplay. The game looks like a racing game or flight simulation game in that the player controlls the FreQ’s movement as it travels between the 8 tracks of the tunnel.

Each stage has a song associated with it, which is broken down into 8 components, each linked to one of the tracks in the tunnel; to name a few, one track may be the vocal of the song, one may be the bass, one the synthesizer, and so on. While traveling on a track, the player has to sucessfully perform two segments by hitting the corresponding face buttons, which is arranged to sync with the song.

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The game also allows players to remix their own track of music. Users may pick elements from the in-game songs and remix them into another song. These remix songs can also be played as stages, though there will also be no scores kept.

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