Drum Circle

I went to the drumming circle today – with my Chinese waist drum~ Yay~

The drumming circle is led by Amir Alan Vahab, who was interviewed by a Turkish TV Show today as well.

The group emphasize on drum healing and spirituality. I at first wasn’t sure how I’d fit into this, since I realized on arrival that the group’s emphasis is on music from the Middle East.

By the end, I’d have to say I did have fun. There are people of different levels of expertise in the group. What we do is having one person choose a song or rhythm, and the others join in. The leader specifically told us not to worry about technicalities. I, for one, mainly follow other people’s drumming, though later on I eventually took on my own beating pattern.

The others seemed excited to see my waist drum (which I got in Chengdu, China. The Pearl store in Chinatown also sell these in a much higher price). They even played around with it and came up with new ways to perform with it; that includes different ways of sticking and playing with hand, like a Djembe. It was also then when I learnt that the two sides of this drum have different tunes (takes a pro to find that out).

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