Idea #2 – Fan Creation and Parody

I currently have an obsession over the fan culture over certain series, which I felt I need to deal with in this thesis.

For this idea, I wanted to do a parody piece that serve as a commentary to popular media and current events. Ideally, I’d like to work on comics, shows, and games which I know; that will mostly be Japanese Anime, role-playing games, and old cartoons in the US.

Currently, there are many forms in which this idea can be realized. Here are some rough ideas and precedance:

  • Parody Video – A lot of examples on Youtube. It could be a fanwork or just simple satire. The subject can range from shows, comics, games, movies, politics, sports, and entertainment.
  • Lowbrows/Pop Surrealism – The two terms generally means the underground art movement. There are some artists, such as Isabel Samaras, who did paintings where pop icons portrayed in classic masterpiece paintings.
  • Doujinshi – Similar to the Lowbrow movement, this term refers to the subculture of underground art creations that originated in Japan. Amoungst those are works that are based on mainstream comics, animation, and games. A majority of these works are comics, novels, and illustrations that are either on print or online. These works may also take the form of music, games, dolls, stationaries, and daily accessorites.

If I can make a game that is a parody of an existing piece, such as a wacked version of Rockband? Or maybe introduce a new gameplay for a genre with preconcieved gameplay, like Typing of the Dead has done?

It will be even better if I can merge this idea with Divine Beats somehow….

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