Idea # 1: Divine Beats

My first thesis idea is to continue a game I have started at Spring 2009 – Divine Beats.

Divine Beats is a drumming game done in Flash. It is played with an external drum controller. Each stage will present a unique gameplay based on how drums are utilized in human’s daily lives.

The story started with a boy who obtained a drum for his birthday. It turns out that the drum is possessed by a Drum Spirit. With his own agenda in mind, the Drum Spirit forced the boy onto a journey that will lead to numberous encounters, each of which the duo will have to resolve with their drum performances.

Each stage will present an episode in their quest; here is the synopsis:

1) In the first stage (also the only stage with a working prototype now), the drummer has to beat the drum loud and fast enough to drive away an intruding beast.

2) For the second stage, I wanted to do something related to drum as a communication tool. At first, I laid down a framework where a gameplay similar to Taiko no Tatsujin and Rockband is used: the player have to play a drum score correctly in order to convey a message.

Later on, it appears that the action of playing the drum score is not strongly connected to communication. Hence, I decided to step back and try something simpler. For the summer, I was playing around with game mechanism emphasizing on “using drum to send commands to someone”. In these tests, the drummer uses
a drum code to command a blindfolded person towards a destination.

3) For the third stage, I wanted to simulate the Dragon Boat Race. The player is the drummer of a boat crew and is responsible for pacing the crew’s paddling. It is similar with the first stage in that players will want to beat the drum faster and louder. However, the player also has to be keen to the crew’s conditions and not overburn them.

4) Since different drums hit in different ways will produce different sounds, there can be a stage where the drummer has to help on a theater stage in sound effects.

5) If I were to merge this idea of drumming with fan culture and parody, I might eventually have to do a stage that is played like Rockband and Taiko no Tatsujin.

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