Basketball Drill – ver. 1

We did a playtest session last Wendesday, and here are the 3 different prototypes I presented then.

You might want to turn on the volume to hear the sound effects.

Prototype 1
[swfobj src=”” alt=”Basket Ball Drill – played with keyboard” align=”center”]

Prototype 2
Same as Prototype 1, with variation on the rhythm.
[swfobj src=”” align=”center”]

Prototype 3
Played with mouse instead of keyboard
[swfobj src=”” align=”center”]

I tested these with 4 people during the playtest session, and 2 more outside of school.

Summing up of feedback I’ve got:

  • A tutorial mode – or simply clearer instructions – will help a lot, as many testers at first didn’t grasp the input action and the goal of the game.
  • While the sound and character animation are in-sync, the sound is lagging in relations with the key/mouse input. The delay appears to be worse with the mouse.
  • The two characters are too similar and needs distinction.
  • Some players rely on the audio to play, while others rely on the metronome graphics.
  • Most players prefer the keyboard over the mouse.

The lagging between the input and the audio will obviously be an ongoing techical issue I have to deal with. Also, I might need to consider

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