Idea Bash – 10/09/2009

So far, I feel like I’m biting too much for myself. Some of the stuff I want to do will involve branching into other areas that requires more research, more exploration, and more possibilities.

I want this thesis to be something I am willing to continue to work on after I get out of Parsons. I also can imagine the sort of stuff I want to do with it. However, there are some more fundemental questions which I have to resolve first, so I’m going to do exactly that: going back to the basics.

So, I want to explore the different elements that constitutes a music rhythm game.

I want to explore how performing an action (pressing a button, moving the joystick, etc) along a rhythm can relate to the sound, visuals, and narrative of the game. I also want to see how that will change the game experience.

Finally, I will want to play around with the concept of remixing these elements, and explore whether it’s possible to reconstruct rhythm games into an interactive music videa or an alternative form of performance piece.

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