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Labuat’s “Soy tu Aire”

This interactive music video, featuring “Soy tu Aire” by French singer Labuat, is put together by Herraiz Soto & Co.. The music video features a brush stroking running along; the viewer control the brush’s movement and follows its perceptions. The size of the brush varies based on the song’s volume, and occasionally, trickets of visual elements may appear along the path.

Play the music video

LBP Machinima – Guitar Hero Parady

I was looking around for Machinima that is done under Rockband or Guitar Hero. I ended up coming across this thing:


Which reminds me, Little Big Planet offers a set of character animations which can be evoked with different controller commands. Not sure how I’d use that to make an music video, though. Having the music playing on the side by the TV perhaps?


An animation tool developed by MIT, in which users can create interactive games and animation in. Projects can be uploaded and shared. Appearantly a lot of youngsters enjoyed using this.

Scratch Homepage

There’s other animating tools online similar to Scratch, but I find this to be really scripting/programming-oriented as well. Just take a look at the “Control” and “Sensing” tabs in the interface; those are practically programming elements visualized.

Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight

This looks like machinima, but appearantly isn’t.  Paul Robertson has blurred the distinction between game and animation as mediums of expressions.


Most of the so-called cute stuff becomes gruesome and disturbing, and there is a hint of anti-cooperate in it as well. Otherwise, a lot of elements typically found in fighting games can be found here as well. The two heros and the girl shares a bond often found in other shonen mangas, and the majority of the animation could very well be a gameplay for any side-scrolling, beat-you-up fighting game. (I also couldn’t help notice how the two heros came out intact after all the bloodiness they went through.)

There are also lots of references to action stars and heroes, especially when one of the heroes launches his special attack. Can’t say I recognize all of them :b

Dead Fantasy

Here’s a fan animation produced by Monty Oum. It’s a crossover animation between the games Dead and Alive and Final Fantasy.


This work has 5 installments now, and there is sort of a “studio” set up, too. When they first started, the animators actually used models done by others. The real job was animating the characters and camera (which is awesome, nonetheless.)