Produced by Ingrid Wu

"Divine Beats - Night at the Monastery" is a music rhythm game about a drummer's adventure as he teams up with a Taoist monk in a mission of exorsism. This game experiments with making a music game hybrided with elements from platformer and action games.


The game is still under beta. I currently do not own the music in this game, nor am I getting commercial profit from this game.

For the most recent update of this game, please also check my blog.

  • Ingrid Wu
Character Animation
  • Ingrid Wu
  • Mark Schindel
Character Design
  • Ingrid Wu
  • Ingrid Wu
Background Art
  • Mark Schindel
  • "What the Hell is Love" by Hsiao Hung Jen
  • "Converse" by Elsa Huang
Special Thanks
  • Marko Tandefelt
  • Loretta Wolozin
  • Eric Zimmerman
  • Joshua DeBonis
  • Colleen Macklin
  • Eric Chung
  • Albert Dang
  • All the kids who participated in Playtech
  • My Family
  • ... and you. Thanks for Playing~